Building Security - Infrastructure and Standards

The physical protection of any premises, building, room or area should be designed in accordance with the level of potential risk or threat to that area - this will vary considerably from premises to premises, location to location.

Digital Video Manager

We helps you improve your operational intelligence, better understand what you’re seeing and make more informed decisions:

  • View multiple video streams — live and recorded — at the same time
  • Set recording alarms, establish video walls and search for motion
  • Access HD, full frame rate video on any mobile device with low latency
  • See instant and synchronized playback and backfill that can be packaged and exported

Data center design

The data center is home to the computational power, storage, and applications necessary to support an enterprise business. Whether you’re looking to plan, design and implement a new data center or increase the efficiency of an existing one, we can help you.Our in-house structured cabling and networking team has the experience and expertise to design and implement a reliable, flexible data center, server room or wiring closet that will serve your company well for years to come.

Inventory Management

OUR goal is to make our customers more profitable. That's why our inventory management capabilities are designed around your business.We maintain an efficient network of large centralized stocking facilities. These facilities are used to coordinate our purchasing, receiving, quality, and other operational activities. We help you reduce downtime and increase productivity through keeping your inventory costs down. We will monitor your inventory and provide automatic replenishment at your facility.Aries Softweb LLP is committed to saving your time and procurement costs through helping you manage your inventory levels.