about us


About Us

We’re not going to bore you with fake corporate jargon, We are Tiny Giant Team who like to make things, Whether that’s an identity system, website, app, logo, marketing campaign, deck chair, homebrew, or a smoked pork shoulder doesn’t matter. For us, it’s about the love of making it, & making it right. We’re a small team doing big things & visual communication is in our blood. Let’s make something together. Let’s Create Awesomeness!

Our Process

01. RESEARCH Plastering our walls with visual inspiration kick-starts creative thinking in the studio. We get to know your core values, analyse your market & identify real user needs.

02. THINK Developing mood boards & sketches, to wireframes & mockups, this is where the team starts to visualise ideas & determine an appropriate strategy.

03. EXPLORE We’ll explore a wide range of possible approaches to test our concepts. Through client collaboration & workshops we are able to make informed design decisions.

04. EXECUTE Whether we’re building a digital product, or developing a brand identity, we passionately craft the final outcome with acute attention to detail.

05. TEST We test with real users, regularly tweaking & testing as we go. We believe that user journey & visual impact can work hand-in-hand.

06. DEPLOY Deployment doesn’t mean the end of the project. We’ll monitor performance, study analytics & recommend further improvements based on user activity.